The Globe Shopper Index

33 European and 25 Asia Pacific cities ranked in the quest to be the world’s best shopping destination.


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  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Hotels & transport
  • Culture & climate
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European cities

Asia Pacific cities
Map: 33 Globe Shopper European cities


67 / 100
Overall score
Best in

London has attractions to suit a variety of tastes, including cruises on the Thames, West End theatre and musicals, and famously fashionable shops. The Cool Hunter shopper-type might try trendy Carnaby Street or the shops around Covent Garden. For the Explorer, the still bohemian (but nowadays less risqué) back streets of Soho might appeal. The arcades of Bond Street may be the Brand Spotter's natural habitat. The Deal Tracker shopper-type can be directed towards Camden Market, with its eclectic range of goods at lower prices. The Perfect Planner, shopper-type would feel at home window-shopping on High Street Kensington. All shopper-types, if they so desire, can start with an overview of the city from the London Eye on the South Bank.

Methodology for rankings and scores


Overall score 81/100
Malls & boutiques
International brands
Seasonal sales
Genuine (as opposed to counterfeit) goods


Overall score 55/100
Exchange-rate stability
Shopper favourites
City transport


Overall score 51/100
Use of foreign languages
Shopping hours
Price negotiation

Hotels & transport

Overall score 72/100
Quality hotels
Airports & flights
Convenient transport to city centre
Dependable city transport

Culture & climate

Overall score 78/100
Attractions & UNESCO sites
International cuisine
Popular events
Strictness of visa regulations
Agreeability of climate


Overall category score

The number and variety of shops and brands to be found at any destination are essential criteria for the serious shopper.

Subcategory indicators


Malls & boutiques
Number of shops and number of major malls within a 20-km radius of the city centre.
88 Malls & boutiques
International brands
Number and variety of leading local and international brands.
100 International brands
Seasonal sales
Duration of sales seasons (in weeks per year).
60 Seasonal sales
Genuine (as opposed to counterfeit) goods
Qualitative assessment of the amount of counterfeit goods in department stores, shops and markets.
75 Genuine (as opposed to counterfeit) goods