The Globe Shopper Index

33 European and 25 Asia Pacific cities ranked in the quest to be the world’s best shopping destination.

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Globe Shopper

The Globe Shopper Index enables both the comparison of 33 European and 25 Asia Pacific cities, according to their shopping advantages and disadvantages, as well as a dynamic ranking of criteria according to personal user preferences.

For the default index (the Globe Shopper Index ranking), all indicators are ranked as being equally important. Visitors are invited to change the weightings to emphasize the factors most important to them, thereby creating their own index. They can then save and share their index through email and social networks.

The Globe Shopper Index was designed and created by the Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by Global Blue.

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Economist Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is part of the Economist Group, the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs. Founded in 1946 as an in-house research unit for The Economist newspaper, the EIU delivers business intelligence, forecasting and advice to over 1.5 million decision-makers from the world's leading companies, financial institutions, governments and universities. The EIU’s analysts are known for the rigour, accuracy and consistency of their analysis and forecasts, and their commitment to objectivity, clarity and timeliness.

This index was created by the Custom Research division of the Economist Intelligence Unit. To learn more about its services from a member of the team, please contact us.

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